Promoting, Protecting and Expanding the e-PTW market
The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI) is a trade association representing companies from the wholesale side of motorcycling.  Its remit is to protect and promote the motorcycle industry and expand the motorcycle market for the benefit of members.

With the evolution transportation towards alternative power sources, the MCI has established the eMCI to similarly represent those with an interest in accelerating the adoption of electric and alternative Powered Two Wheelers in the UK.

Widespread interest in the formation of the eMCI has been received from stakeholders with varying interests in the development of the Sector. Major motorcycle manufacturers are strongly supporting the development of eMCI, which is a natural complement to the MCI’s activities - a trade association which has been at the forefront of representing motorcycling technological development for over a century.
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100 Electric bikes bought by Columbian Police

eMCI member Zero Motorcycles has announced a fleet sale of 100 electric motorcycles to the Bogota Police Department in Columbia. 100 2012 Zero DS models will be specially painted and marked for patrols, traffic enforcement, and daily policing actions. The DS has an approximate range of 112 miles on a single charge with top speeds of 80 miles per hour. The police motorcycles have also been fitted with a series of components developed exclusively for law enforcement, including sirens and LED lights. “Instant torque, no shifting, no noise, no exhaust, minimal heat production … MORE
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